Colorsteel Fascia

Colorsteel Fascia NZ

If you’re looking for a powerful, durable fascia product that will offer your home great functionality and incredible aesthetics, Colorsteel fascia in NZ is the choice for you. It hides the space between your roof and walls, lending your home a beautiful, finished appearance.

Because fascia is such a visually important part of the home, it can be surprising how many homeowners overlook the design of their fascia and opt instead for the cheapest or lowest-maintenance solutions. At NZ Spouting, however, we offer you modern, maintenance-free, high-quality fascia solutions that do the job right and look great while doing it. 

Our fascia supplies are available in a wide variety of colours, all available to match the design and style of your house. Whether you want a sleek, modern grey, rustic white or brown, or even trendy modern colours like red or blue, get in touch with us to discuss the available options for your property.

We supply and install both Colorbond and Colour Steel Fascia – two of NZ’s most trusted coated steel product brands. All of our materials feature a 10-year guarantee, which means that when you choose us, you’re getting the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re selecting a solution built to last.

Our skilled, experienced team brings excellent standards of workmanship and total attention to detail to every project we work on. If you’d like a quote for our Colorsteel Fascia services in NZ, please contact the NZ Spouting team at 0800  444 899.

About Colorsteel

Colorsteel products were engineered right here in New Zealand and tailored for our unique environment. That means these fascia options are sure to outlast the elements, no matter the weather. By choosing Colorsteel fascia and our skilled team of installers, you’re getting the right solution the first time.

That’s because all Colorsteel products have been designed with longevity and resistance to wear and tear in mind. There’s an extensive range of colours and variants available to match a wide range of environmental conditions and property designs. 

If you’re looking for a specific type of fascia for your home, talk to us.

What Does Fascia Do?

Your fascia effectively functions as your roof’s support base. Your roof guttering attaches onto your fascia, but it’s not just structural stability these boards offer. It also hides the space between your roof, eaves and wall, creating a neat edge and visual appeal.

By covering this space, your fascia boards prevent birds, rodents and other unwanted pests from gaining entry into your roof cavity. That way, your home’s structural integrity is protected, and your family is kept safe from disease-bearing vermin and other pests.

Why Colorsteel Fascia Products?

Whether you have existing timber fascia you’re looking to replace with modern, trendy, durable steel or are building an exciting new home, our Colour steel fascia products are an excellent choice. These long-life, low-maintenance products are designed to match the colours of your roofing, spouting and exterior wall.

They are fit for a wide variety of Kiwi environments. Whether you live in inland plains, up in alpine country or near the sea, we can provide the right choice of fascia to complement your gutters, downpipes, spouting and much more.

Here at NZ Spouting, we also offer a ten-year guarantee on all of our materials. That is why you can trust us to provide you with high-performance, durable Colorsteel fascia that’s designed to last.

Made For New Zealand – Colorsteel Fascia

Both our Colorbond and Colorsteel fascia options offer exceptional durability for your building, whether it’s your home, an investment property or even a commercial space. Please note that harsh environments or places located near the coastline may need particularly hard-wearing fascia options. If your property is located in one of these locations, please talk to us [link to contact us page] to discuss the best options for your fascia.

Designed and produced in New Zealand, Colorsteel is the material of choice for all your guttering and fascia products. Because this steel fascia is made and designed right here, it’s custom-engineered to withstand Kiwi conditions. Whether that’s harsh UV light, severe winds or heavy rain, they’re perfect for any home.

Why Steel Fascia?

Our Colorsteel fascia products are highly corrosion resistant yet offer affordable, high-quality, consistent performance. They have been designed for total durability and made to stand up to even the harshest weather conditions, including snow, wind and ice.

If you’re looking for a fascia material that is innovative, powerful and capable of superior real-world performance, you know what to choose. For a free, no-obligation quote for our Colorsteel fascia, please contact the NZ Spouting team at 0800  444 899.

Beautiful Looks For Your Kiwi Home

Colorsteel comes in a diverse variety of colours, all of which have been inspired by New Zealand’s own natural beauty. That means that when you choose them, you’ll be decorating your home with fascia that complements its incredible surroundings.

Downpipe Services

Your home’s downpipes are an essential part of its exterior design. 

Much like your fascia, they play an essential practical role in directing water away from your roof. The water that flows through the gutters and down your downpipes is then led to drains, water collection tanks or other run-off locations away from your home and its foundations.

But this functionality doesn’t mean that they need to look dull. Here at NZ Spouting, our experienced team will provide you with a downpipe solution that enhances your property’s appearance and brings out the best of it.

Please contact the NZ Spouting team at 0800  444 899today for a free quote for our downpipe installation, repair or replacement services. 


Colorsteel products feature a unique composition that has been designed to maximise their durability. This includes using a corrosion inhibiting primer to ensure that the colour stays strong and vibrant while holding up to harsh New Zealand weather. If you’re looking for beautiful, durable fascia that won’t peel, flake or fade excessively, Colorsteel is the right choice.

Our fascia products offer your home excellent protection, functionality and style. Please contact the NZ Spouting team at 0800  444 899 for any questions about our Colorsteel fascia in Auckland, Hamilton or Mangawhai.