Fascia, Spouting or Guttering Services

Fascia, Spouting or Guttering Services

NZ Spouting is your one-stop shop for all your guttering, fascia and spouting needs. From repairs to installations to replacements, our highly skilled and experienced teams can guarantee you excellent workmanship on every job – all at affordable prices. For more information or to get a free quote for our taylor fascia services, please get in touch with us at 0800 444 899.

What Are Fascia Boards?

Fascia refers to the long board that runs under your roof’s edge, along the side of the overhang. It plays an essential role in supporting the bottom edge of the last row of your shingles and your gutters. Fascia is so important in supporting your fascia that there are even single combined fascia gutter systems on the market.

Your fascia also protects the roof and keeps unwanted birds, animals and insects out of your attic or roof cavity while allowing ventilation through.

Traditionally, most fascia has been made out of wood, but that’s not the only choice of material available. It can also be made out of vinyl, aluminium or even Colorsteel.

There are numerous colour options available for your fascia and spouting, which means you’re sure to be able to find the right look to match or complement the exterior of your home. 

When the time comes to install new fascia or replace or repair your existing boards, you should always turn to the professionals to ensure that the job’s done right. Here at NZ Spouting, you can trust us to provide you with solutions designed for performance and durability.

The quality of our work is matched only by the quality of our materials. We provide you with a ten-year warranty on all of the products we use, which is why you can trust us for results that last. So if you would like a quote for fascia installations, repairs or replacements, please contact us at 0800 444 899 today.

The Importance of Fascia Boards

The outside of your home is constantly exposed to the harsh New Zealand climate, which means it’s at risk of damage caused by heavy wind, rain, snow or even intense sunlight. That’s why it’s essential that your guttering and fascia are made from durable, high-quality material so that they will be able to stop damage from accumulating to and in your home. 

Your fascia plays a vital role in protecting the stability of your home. When nature strikes and storms hit, your gutters might be weighed down by large amounts of water or even ice. In such conditions, it’s the fascia that keeps your gutters supported against Mother Nature.

That means that if your fascia is damaged, your gutters might not hold in poor weather, which could cause further expensive issues. Damaged fascia and spouting could also lead to draft or leaks in your roof cavity, which could encourage rot and mould on your home’s internal structures.

Your fascia also protects your roof and your shingles during harsh winter weather, which means you need to choose durable, high-quality siding to keep the rest of your roof’s structure safe. 

Fascia And Your Home’s Appearance

Your fascia wraps around the edge of your roof rafters, which means that it’s visible to everyone. That means that it’s vital to consider the condition and appearance of your fascia to maximise your home’s curb appeal and keep it looking at its best.

Here at NZ Spouting, we can perform installations, repairs, and fascia replacements explicitly tailored to your property. Let us help you take down your rotted, damaged, or weather-worn old fascia boards and put up bright new ones that leave your home looking great. 

Would you like to get a free, no-obligation quote for our fascia and spouting services? Just get in touch with our team at 0800 444 899

When Should I Replace My Fascia?

Because your fascia acts as a barrier between the exterior and interior of your home, it’s vital to ensure that it’s in good condition to keep your home safe from rot, mould, vermin and dampness.

We recommend keeping an eye out for signs that your fascia might need replacing and performing quick visual inspections after severe weather.

Look out for:

  • Rotting Wood
  • Peeling Paint or Rust
  • Discolour around the Fascia

The right choice of materials is essential in ensuring that your fascia stays in good condition. Here at NZ Spouting Services, we use high-quality materials that come with a ten-year warranty. That’s why, when you choose us for fascia installations or taylor fascia replacements, you can rely on our team to ensure you get results that stand the test of time.

Fascia Installations

We offer a comprehensive range of guttering, fascia and spouting services in NZ. These include installations on new builds or home renovations, such as new extensions.

You can rely on us to handle all stages of your project, including removing the old fascia if necessary, supplying you with excellent new materials and performing installations right the first time.

Fascia Replacement and Repairs

If you have issues with your existing fascia or would like to replace your old, worn taylor fascia or klass fascia with a low-maintenance, high-performance modern alternative, you can rely on our experienced teams to complete your projects to high standards of quality. 

Custom Fascia

In addition to our installation, replacement and repair services, the NZ Spouting team can also offer you custom fascia solutions.

Whether you have a specific appearance in mind for your property or need a complex or unusual project performed, we are there to help. When you require outstanding, custom fascia made for your home or business, just turn to NZ Spouting for a cost-effective solution that gives you the results you need.

Please call our team at 0800 444 899 for a free, no-obligation quote for custom fascia today.

Fascia Installation, Repair and Replacement

Here at NZ Spouting, we’re Auckland’s fascia, gutter and spouting repair, replacement and installation experts. If it’s time to replace your damaged old fascia boards with excellent new ones, just turn to our trusted, professional team to get the job done right the first time.

We use the best materials on every job to ensure that you get long-lasting, durable, high-quality fascia that keeps your home dry and enhances its curb appeal.

Just get in touch with us at 0800 444 899 for more information about our services or a free, no-obligation quote today.